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Corporate Leasing

Companies are relying more and more on real estate consultants to manage their office leasing, relocation and expansion plans. Since obtaining a property is a complex process which entails a range of aspects, corporate leasing has pleasingly surfaced with expansion planning, spotting the location bearing in mind the current and future business needs. It also aids in locating the right property suitable for the project, satisfactory negotiation of property prices documentation procedures and the final attainment of the property.

Our organization offers complete real estate consultancy services to start ups as well as leading multinational companies in Bangalore that find the facility of corporate leasing innovative and enterprising. We help our esteemed clients in all aspects of a client’s real estate needs right from deciding appropriate facilities to enhancing the work infrastructure thus giving an inclusive and a rationalized solution. Fortuneprops’ ability of corporate leasing is intended to give your business a chance to obtain movable and immovable assets, without putting a strain on your cash flows.

Our prime operational motive is quite simple; generate solutions that work best for our clients. This philosophy together with the fact that our services cover the widest range of corporate leasing and support solutions, make us the most preferred firm in the sector. Our impeccable client satisfaction record stands testimony to the quality and professionalism of our services.

Our operational cycle starts with a detailed understanding of client needs, relying on our comprehensive listings database to shortlist suitable properties and finally transforming this choice of property into an ideal client centric leasing solution. We comprehend that corporate clients have their own precise and often complex needs and leverage our wide property estimation and financial analysis to come up with best fits each and every time.

We derive the best of our ability to get you tailored assistance in the market guaranteeing that you will find the right office space and get the best deal possible. Our strong local presence in Bangalore combined with potent research allows us to recognize best opportunities for the clients and guarantees maximize value generation in all transactions.

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