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Function vs Flash – What to Choose While Looking for Office Spaces?

An effective office space should be a lavish one!

How many of you believe this statement?

If you ask a fresh graduate from a college she will always choose a lavish office space over any other. And there is no harm having a lavish office space. But functionality should get the priority over flashiness while choosing an office space.

An effective office space does not have to be lavish for showing a company culture as seen in movies. Rather it should be comfortable for employees to do their day to day job.

Every business should create their own company culture instead of copy from the others. An office should not follow the one-size-fits-all formula. Office designs should be according to your work nature and employees ease. Setting your priorities are very important for choosing an effective office space for your company.

Although every organization dream of having a lavish office space but make sure that should not overshadow your functionality and productivity. Here are some points which describe why your business should favor function over flash.

1. Keeping up appearances can be hard in future

Maintaining a lavish office space can be hard in future. Once you have chosen an extravagant office space, you have to maintain that standard in future irrespective of any constraints.

On the other hand, if you have invested in the functionality of the office space without worrying about lavishness then you don't need to worry about constantly maintaining the flashiness in future. So you must provide a clean and productive office space to your employees without thinking much about the grandness.

2. Attract right people for right reasons

Flashy offices might lure a lot of people but it won’t help in retaining the relationship until office space is productive and easy for employees. “Never judge a book by its cover” is a well-known saying but people often been guilty of doing so.

What do you think when you see a lavishly decorated office located in the high-rent area of the town? Normally we assume that the office must be a good one to work for as they have finance flooding in and heading in the right direction. But it's not true all the time and in all the cases. It can lure a lot of potential employees but there is no guarantee in retaining them.

On the other hand, if an office is focusing more on functionality and employee's comfort then there are high chances that it will attract right people for right reasons. And this kind of employer-employee relation lost longer than otherwise.

3. Helps in establishing long-term expectations

When employees work in an office which focuses more on employees comfort than grandness of place then they feel more connected and take ownership in their work. 

Those employees never miss the flash and they work with a mindset that everything they do for the betterment of the company. They concerned more about the growth of company and individual than focusing on how the company looks from outside. It simply helps the organization to establish long-term expectations from its employees.

4. Money can be spent on better things and can be saved for the rainy day

The ideal situation for a business is when you spend money for the growth of the organization. So it’s wise to spend money to increase your team by taking more office spaces than investing in exorbitant set ups.

Running a company with growth in mind without spending for the grandness allows you to save finance for the harder times. As they say that- Prepare the umbrella before it rains. The saved money can be an umbrella for your rainy days.

Every business owner dreams of having flashy high-profile office spaces like they show in the movies. But you must set your priorities first. We are not saying that you should not opt for a lavish office space but certainly not over the functionality and employees comfort.

If you are looking for an effective office space which provides the best environment for your employees to work, Please contact us at Fortuneprops. We have experienced commercial real estate professionals who’ll help you find the best office space that perfectly suits your business.

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